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PRICE: $75.00

COMPLETION TIME: 2-3 Business Days

An employment verification letter is a formal document issued to verify the employment status and details of a current or former employee. It serves as a confirmation of an individual's job position, duration of employment, and other relevant information that may be required by external parties such as financial institutions, government agencies, landlords, or other organizations.


The letter typically includes essential details, such as the employee's full name, job title, department, and the dates of employment (start and end, if applicable). Additionally, it may mention the employee's current salary or salary history if requested


Employment verification letters are commonly requested for various reasons, including loan applications, rental agreements, visa applications, background checks, or for providing proof of income. These letters help the requesting party to authenticate the individual's employment status and stability, which is often crucial in making important decisions related to finance, residency, or legal matters.

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