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Refund Policy

AskAlterriHenri LLC Refund Policy

Effective Date: 7/17/2023

At AskAlterriHenri LLC, we are committed to providing high-quality products/services and ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our valued members. This Refund Policy outlines our guidelines for handling refund requests. Please read this policy carefully before making a purchase, as it sets forth important terms and conditions that govern refunds.

1. Eligibility for Refund Requests:

We understand that there may be certain situations where a refund is necessary. To be eligible for a refund, you must meet the following criteria:

a. You must be an active member of AskAlterriHenri LLC at the time of the refund request. b. The request for a refund must be based on valid reasons, such as product/service dissatisfaction, technical issues, or any other genuine concerns related to your purchase.

2. Refund Request Process:

To initiate a refund request, you must follow these steps:

a. Submit a detailed refund request via email to or contact our customer support team at Tel: 337-377-7444. b. Clearly explain the reason for your refund request and provide relevant details about your purchase, including the order number, product/service details, and the date of purchase.

3. Review and Evaluation:

Once we receive your refund request, our team at AskAlterriHenri LLC will carefully review and evaluate the information provided. We aim to process refund requests promptly, but the exact time for resolution may vary depending on the complexity of the request.

4. Refund Approval:

If, after a thorough review, our team deems that a refund is necessary based on the eligibility criteria and the validity of your request, we will approve the refund.

5. Refund Denial:

In some cases, we may find that a refund is not warranted, either due to the request not meeting the eligibility criteria or the reasons provided not being sufficient to warrant a refund. If your refund request is denied, we will provide you with a clear explanation of the decision.

6. Refund Processing:

Once a refund is approved, we will process it through the original payment method used for the purchase. Please note that the time it takes for the refunded amount to reflect in your account may vary depending on your bank or payment provider.

7. No Refunds for Certain Products/Services:

Some products or services offered by AskAlterriHenri LLC may explicitly state that they are non-refundable. In such cases, this Refund Policy does not apply, and refunds will not be issued.

8. Modifications to the Refund Policy:

AskAlterriHenri LLC reserves the right to modify or amend this Refund Policy at any time without prior notice. Any changes to the policy will be posted on our website, and the revised date will be indicated at the top of the page.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or concerns about our Refund Policy, please feel free to contact us via email at or call our customer support team.

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